LSN Diffusion Cobalt Based Alloy Powders

LSN Diffusion manufactures a comprehensive range of atomized cobalt-based alloy powders for thermal spray, plasma spray, laser cladding, plasma-transferred arc, and unfused high-velocity oxy-fuel surfacing techniques. Application will enhance a component’s wear resistance, especially in the presence of high heat and oxidation.

Available in various size distributions, LSN Diffusion cobalt-based alloy powders are inert gas atomized and formulated to meet international standards or customer specifications. Self-fluxing grades are also available. 

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Proven Powders For Demanding Applications

Cobalt-based alloy powders are renowned for their ability to defend against material degradation. If your application must withstand wear, abrasion, erosion, contact fatigue, thermal shock, cavitation, corrosion, or oxidation, this thermal spray powder can help boost application performance and lifespan.  

Typical parts that can benefit from cobalt-based alloy spray coatings include: 

  • Pump Components 
  • Valve Components 
  • Drill Bits
  • Marine Components
  • Clamp Plates
  • Gate Valves
  • Pump Plungers
  • Neck Rings
  • Automotive Parts 
  • Guide Rings
  • Plates
  • Bottle Molds 
  • Screw Conveyors
  • Industrial Gas Turbines 
  • Boiler Tubes
  • Boiler Panels 
  • Rollers 

Let’s Team Up

Astro Alloys is an authorized distributor of LSN Diffusion cobalt-based alloy powders to manufacturers and service providers at home and abroad. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, we fulfill orders quickly and affordably. 

What sets us apart is our dedication to the customer. An email, call, or request never goes unanswered, and everyone does what it takes to accommodate your needs. With years of experience in the thermal spray industry, we can help you find the optimum product to suit your application.

Contact us for more information about LSN Diffusion cobalt surfacing alloy powders. We’re happy to discuss your needs further.


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