SG-100 & SG-200 Plasma Spray Guns

Model SG-100 Plasma Torch

Plasma Spray TorchAstro Alloys offers Praxair's TAFA Model SG-100, which is an 80 kW, multi-mode plasma spray torch that is capable of producing subsonic, Mach I and Mach II gas velocity levels. Its versatility allows you to spray a wide range of materials to produce virtually any type of plasma coating from high-density wear-resistant carbides to controlled-porosity Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBCs). The SG-100's unique design also provides the option of internal or external powder injection, further enhancing the operator's ability to tailor coating characteristics.  

Model SG-100 Plasma Spray Gun features:

  • CE compliant
  • High spray rates
  • Internal and external powder injection
  • Long-life anodes and cathodes
  • Power levels up to 80 kW
  • Self-aligning components
  • Three modes of operation for tailored coatings

Optional enhancements include power cable adapters, an air-jet cooling kit, an external powder feed adapter, and gun mounts. 

Model SG-200 Plasma Torch

Model SG-200 Plasma TorchTAFA Model SG-200 is a versatile 40 kW plasma spray gun, ideal for production environments that require rapid, uniform, and repeatable coatings. Its unique design is suited for machine mounting, is capable of true 90° spraying, accepts internal and external powder injection, and incorporates hardware for several injection angles.

Model SG-200 features:

  • CE compliant
  • Internal or external powder injection
  • Power levels up to 40 kW
  • Self-aligning, long-life components
  • Straight-ahead or true 90° spraying

Optional enhancements include an air-jet part cooling kit, external powder feed adapter, and gun mounts.


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