Arc Spray Equipment

Astro Alloys offers TAFA® arc thermal spray systems and equipment, which are engineered to maximize simplicity, durability and repeatability regardless of your coating application.  This process involves two wires that are fed into the gun, they are then charged and an arc is generated between them.  The heat from the arc melts the incoming wire and the molten feedstock is then deposited on the substrate.

TAFA Model 8830MHU / 8835MHU

TAFA Arc Spray System

The TAFA Models 8830MHU and 8835MHU puller arc spray systems are proven performers, consistently delivering high-quality coatings with minimal operator adjustment. They’re designed to optimize particle atomization and spray pattern distribution, ensuring optimal coating repeatability. Both models offer high deposition efficiency and produce good bond strength, uniform microstructure and excellent machining properties.

8830MHU & 8835MHU Features:

  • CE compliant
  • Electric (Model 8835) or air motor (Model 8830) drive
  • Handheld (Model 8830) or machine mountable (Model 8835)
  • Multiple spray patterns
  • Precise feed wire positioning
  • Readily interfaced with automated systems (Model 8835)
  • Robust design
  • Simple parameter adjustment

Optional enhancements include ArcJet® attachment, angled and straight-ahead extensions, remote reel holders, and a variety of drive rolls and tip configurations.

TAFA Model BP-400

TAFA Arc Spray Gun Model BP-400

Lightweight and portable, the TAFA Model BP-400 is an ultra-versatile push wire delivery arc spray system. It’s cost-effective, easy to operate and can be used in both handheld and robotic applications.

Model BP-400 Features:

  • CE compliant
  • Digital voltage and amperage meters
  • Multiple spray patterns
  • Removable feed system
  • Self-aligning air cap and wire guides

Optional enhancements include high-velocity and fan spray air cap packages, system running gear, angled and straight-ahead extensions, and a variety of drive rolls and tip configurations.

PRAXAIR Arc Spray Equipment Solutions Brochure