Power Generation Thermal Spray

Thermal spray can attribute to many positive results throughout the power generation industry.  Corrosion, wear, high temperature oxidation are all daily challenges in this industry.  Power generation thermal spray coatings prevent and control these negatives resulting in longer component life spans, lower replacement costs, and decreased downtime. Other commonly used powders include tungsten carbides and chromium carbides.

Power generation equipment presents tough challenges due to the tremendous pressure and heat they need to withstand.  There are many thermal spray coating options that successfully combat against these harsh environments and can cater to specific needs and goals. Contact Astro Alloys to learn more about renewable energy thermal coatings!

Common Thermal Spray Components:

  • Combustion baskets
  • Compressor blades
  • Compressor wheels
  • Diaphragms
  • Fuel nozzles
  • Impellers
  • Nozzle guide vanes
  • Segments
  • Shroud tiles
  • Transition pieces
  • Turbine buckets
  • Turbine nozzles
  • Turbine rotors
  • Transition ducts