Stellite Jet Kote III & Nova-A System

Astro Alloys offers mass flow controlled HVOF systems from Stellite Jet Kote®. The Jet Kote® II Nova systems are were designed with operator convenience and efficiency in mind. They combine the high-quality coating capabilities Jet Kote® systems are known for, with improved control console features for consistent, repeatable performance.

Jet Kote® II Nova-A

Stellite Jet Kote Nova II AThe Stellite Jet Kote® II Nova-A offers an Analog display of manifold and torch pressures as well as gas flow rates (SCFH) using critical orifice flow meters for all gases. Features include:

  • Gas flow is controlled using precision needle valves with gas pressure regulators in the console to increase the accuracy and repeatability of gas flow rates
  • Gas saver mode (partial flow) for economical operation and improved cycle times while operator checks or changes parts being coated
  • Digital display of water temperature and flow rates
  • Digital timers for “flame time” and “powder time”
  • Optional multi-fuel capability is available
  • Optional remote pendant available
  • Remote ignition and optional remote powder valve can be used for complete separation of the operator and the spray environment
  • Two auxiliary interfaces are provided for optional connection with safety switches on the spray booth

Specifications for single fuel console:

Dimensions: 34” Hx 44.5” L x 28.25” W

Weight: 320 lbs. (145 kg)

Electrical: 110 VAC, 15 amps, 1 phase, 60 Hz or 220 VAC, 8 amps, 1 phase, 50 Hz

Jet Kote® III

Stellite Jet Kote II

The Jet Kote® III was designed with operator convenience and efficiency in mind. It combines the high-quality coatings Jet Kote® is known for with consistent, repeatable performance. The Jet Kote® III consists of a control console, Model JK® 3000 torch, heat exchanger, and powder feeder.   All elements of the system are designed to work together to provide optimum performance. Features of the Jet Kote® III system include:

  • Capable of spraying materials up to 20 lbs/hr
  • Deposit efficiencies up to 70%
  • Designed and built in accordance with CE standards
  • Latest mass flow closed-loop technology
  • Gas saver mode i.e. partial flow
  • Online storage of spray programs
  • Sharp, graphical color displays of all process parameters
  • Advanced monitoring of all process parameters with adjustable min/max values which are password protected
  • Remote operating pendant
  • Safety alarms
  • Interface to data acquisition systems (optional)
  • The ability to use multi-fuel sources including hydrogen, methane, propylene, propane, ethylene (optional)

Stellite Jet® HVOF Systems Brochure

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