Thermach Rotary Powder Feeders

Thermach AT-1200 Rotary Powder Feeder

Thermach Powder FeederUtilizing proven technology and electrical controls, the Thermach AT-1200 powder feeder is inexpensive and reliable. The heart of the electrical controls is the digital closed-loop controller which offers precise and consistent wheel speed. To set the wheel speed, simply enter the desired speed into the controller. When the AT-1200 is switched to feed mode, the powder wheel will ramp up to the set speed, holding that speed very accurately. Speed is displayed in revolutions per minute (RPM). For more information on our rotary powder feeder, please contact Astro Alloys today!

AT-1200 Features

The AT-1200 Rotary Powder Feeder offers a variety of features, including:

  • Plasma & HVOF capable
  • 15 RPM Motor (Standard), 32 RPM (Available)
  • Closed-loop wheel speed control
  • 90 PSI (621 kPa / 6.2 bar) maximum pressure
  • 115 VAC (Standard), 230 VAC (Available) & 50 / 60Hz capable
  • 205 cubic inch capacity (3359 ml)
  • Remote control capable
  • +/- 2% feed accuracy

AT-1200 Parts

The AT-1200 Rotary Powder Feeder implements common parts in its canister assembly, such as:

  • Powder Wheels
  • Bearings
  • O-Ring & Felt Ring Kits
  • Wiper Rings
  • Powder Sleeves & Surface Rings
  • Tamper Assembly Parts
  • Upper & Lower Housings
  • Windows, Window Rings, & Latches


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