LSN Diffusion Carbide Blend Alloy Powders

Wear resistance is one of the most significant challenges for machinery with moving parts. LSN Diffusion offers a range of self-fluxing nickel alloy powders blended with hard tungsten-carbide particles, providing excellent resistance to abrasive wear even at elevated temperatures.

Depending on the process used, particle size distributions may change. LSN Diffusion selects the tungsten carbide grade to suit the coating application method.

Thermal Spray
Agglomerated and sintered tungsten carbide particles are recommended for thermal spray processes. They boost spraying efficiency and provide the highest integrity of tungsten carbide to the nickel matrix.

Plasma Transferred Arc
Cast tungsten carbides are ideal for this surfacing method, where processing temperatures are significantly higher. They provide minimal dissolution into the nickel alloy matrix.

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The Cutting Edge

Coatings comprised of powdered nickel with carbide particles are renowned for strong resistance to abrasion, galling, erosion, and wear. As a result, it’s perfect for hard-wearing applications.  

  • Automotive Components
  • Brake Discs
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Rock-Crushing Equipment
  • Aerospace Parts 
  • Cutting Tool Protection 
  • Overhead Crane Components 
  • Drilling Tools 
  • Power Generation Equipment 
  • Paper Mill Equipment 
  • Mining Tools

Your LSN Diffusion Source

Astro Alloys is a leading supplier of LSN Diffusion carbide-blend alloy powders to manufacturers and service providers across many business sectors. With a vast inventory, we can turn around orders quickly, often shipping the same day, at affordable prices. 

For us, the thermal spray industry is personal. With decades of experience, our team takes pride in helping clients solve challenging coating issues. 

Give us a call for more information about LSN Diffusion carbide-blend surfacing alloy powders. We’d love to discuss your needs in greater detail. 


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