Medical Thermal Spray Powders

High-quality medical instruments and biomedical devices are critical to sustaining health. Make sure your precision-crafted surgical tools, implants, orthopedic prosthetics, and other medical devices are properly protected and provide the properties you need with thermal spray coatings from Astro Alloys Inc.

Astro Alloys Inc. supplies high-performing, long-lasting medical thermal spray coatings ideal for use on a wide range of medical instruments and devices. Thermal spray coatings help resist wear and tear, prevent corrosion, and improve the overall endurance and performance of surgical tools and biomedical devices.

Using thermal spray coatings on medical instruments and biomedical devices can help:

  • Resist corrosion or abrasion
  • Prevent wear and tear, cavitation, adhesive issues, fretting
  • Shield radio frequency and electromagnetic interference
  • Withstand high temperatures
  • Create electrical conductivity

Thermal Spray Components

Thermal spray coatings supplied by Astro Alloys can be used on a wide range of medical instruments, medical implements, and biomedical devices, including:

  • Scalpels
  • Lancets
  • Surgical scissors
  • Forceps
  • Clamps
  • Occluders
  • Needle drivers
  • Retractors
  • Distractors
  • Dilators and specula
  • Surgical staplers
  • Injection needles
  • Cranial drills
  • Calipers
  • Heart valves
  • Pacemakers
  • Stents
  • Other biomedical implants
  • Spine, finger, elbow, shoulder, and knee joints
  • Acetabular caps
  • Femoral stems
  • Orthopedic prostheses
  • Dental implants

Providing The Product You Need

Astro Alloys supplies various high-performing, long-lasting thermal spray coatings ideal to help medical instruments and biomedical devices resist corrosion, prevent wear and tear, and prolong their vital service life.

Tungsten Carbide Powders

Astro Alloys offers Praxair tungsten carbide thermal spray powders, known for their hardness and wear resistance. Tungsten carbide thermal spray powder creates a dense, hard, and tough coating. Tungsten carbide powders are commonly used in applications involving sliding wear erosion, impingement, abrasion, and fretting wear.

Aluminum Oxide Powders

Astro Alloys supplies high-quality aluminum oxide thermal spray from Saint-Gobain, founded in 1905, and an industry leader in technological innovation.

Aluminum oxide thermal spray powder provides dense, hard, wear-resistant coatings with electrical insulating properties. Saint-Gobain’s alumina thermal spray powders resist thermal shock and have excellent dielectric properties.

Zirconium Oxide Powders

Astro Alloys offers Saint-Gobain zirconium oxide spray powders, which serve as excellent thermal barriers. These powders also provide excellent thermal shock and heat resistance.

Ceramic Spray Powders

Astro Alloys offers a broad range of advanced ceramic spray powders, manufactured by Praxair. These ceramic thermal spray coatings include low thermal conductivity thermal barrier coating (TBC) powders to high purity aluminum and yttrium coatings for semiconductor fabrication.

Delivering the Service You Deserve

Astro Alloys Inc. has been in the thermal spray coating and HVOF equipment industry for more than four decades. We know what works. We have the experience, expertise, and thermal spray equipment to deliver the best products and the finest service in the field.


  • Operating since 1980
  • Supply customers in North America and across the globe
  • Dedicated staff that goes the extra mile


  • We know all about thermal sprays – that’s what we do
  • Trained professionals work closely with you to develop and deliver the thermal spray solution you need
  • Offer old-fashioned customer service – we believe in getting it right each and every time


  • Located in Houston, Texas
  • Maintain an immense inventory of products
  • Same-day shipping for in-stock orders
  • Daily delivery for local customers

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