Cobalt Thermal Spray Powders

Astro Alloys offers Kennametal Stellite cobalt thermal spray powders & coatings, which are highly effective for hardfacing applications. Cobalt based alloys hold a reputation for providing a strong defense for wear and corrosion.  Whether it be adhesive wear, abrasion, erosion, contact fatigue, thermal shock, cavitation wear, corrosion or oxidation, these alloys stand strong and resist.

Cobalt Alloy Groups:

Cobalt alloys from Kennametal Stellite™ are classified in to three major groups:

  • Traditional Co-Cr-W-C Alloys
  • Mo-Ni-Fe modifications of the traditional group
  • B-Si modifications

These cobalt alloys exhibit excellent wear, galling, corrosion and erosion resistance. At high temperatures they retain these properties, while showing a high degree of hardness.

The most commonly used Stellite cobalt alloys are:


Tribaloy Alloys  

The Tribaloy family of cobalt alloys feature a hard inter-metallic Laves phase, dispersed in a tough matrix of eutectic or solid solution. 

These alloys exhibit outstanding resistance to high temperature wear, galling and corrosion and are particularly suitable for use where lubrication is a problem.

The most frequently used Cobalt based Tribaloy alloys are:

  • Tribaloy T-400
  • Tribaloy T-400 C
  • Tribaloy T-800
  • Tribaloy T-900