Kennametal Stellite Iron Thermal Spray

Astro Alloys offers iron thermal spray powders from Kennametal Stellite™. We offer both Delcrome and Tristelle Alloys.

Delcrome Alloys

These  Kennametal Stellite™ iron thermal spray are corrosion resistant with moderate to high metal to metal wear resistance.

The most commonly used Delcrome Alloys are:

  • Delcrome 90
  • Delcrome 93
  • Delcrome 316


Tristelle Alloys

The Tristelle Alloys were developed to withstand galling, commonly encountered in metal to metal sliding systems.  They work to resist corrosion and all forms of wear.

The most commonly used Tristelle Alloys are:

  • Tristelle TS1
  • Tristelle TS2 
  • Tristelle TS3
  • Tristelle 5183


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