Kennametal Stellite™ Spray Powders

A world leader in high alloy and carbide powder manufacturing.

Kennametal Stellite™ manufactures a wide variety of thermal spray powders.  Their processes include vacuum melted alloys, air-melted alloys, gas atomization, and water atomization.  In addition to their high alloy materials, they also offer many carbide materials.

Whatever your need may be, Kennametal Stellite™ has a product to fit, their materials cater to plasma transferred arc (PTA) welding, Jet Kote®, HVOF, plasma spray, and spray & fuse and powder welding. For more information on Kennametal Stellite™ thermal spray powders, contact the team at Astro Alloys. 

Kennametal Stellite™ Alloys Brochure

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