Air Cooled Water Chillers


Astro Alloys offers Praxair TAFA’s 7530 air cooled water chiller, which is a recommended auxiliary for closed-loop cooling of thermal spray equipment in high ambient air temperature regions. TAFA's JP-5000 and JP-8000 are examples of the TAFA equipment that they can be used with. The Model 7530 is a complete comprehensive package that is easy to install. You simply connect the two water lines and electrical power and fill the tank.

High Reliability:

  • Superior quality refrigeration and electrical components
  • Large reservoir for reduced compressor cycling, better temperature control, and energy savings
  • Plate heat exchanger external to the water reservoir
  • Two energy-efficient scroll compressors
  • The stainless steel tank and non-ferrous water circuit. Pressure Relief Valve. Stainless impellers in the pump.
  • Capable of handling return water pressure up to 45 psig (3.1 bar)
  • Standard weatherproof enclosure for covered external use with optional low ambient controls

High Versatility:

  • Simple, powerful microprocessor controls with four push-button switches, 3 digit LED's, F or C selection, and compressor 1 and 2 running LED display
  • Quick access panels for easy maintenance
  • Large reservoir for reduced compressor cycling, better temperature control, and energy savings

Model 7530 Air Cooled Water Chiller Operation

Designed for either closed or open loop water systems, these high-efficiency air cooled water chillers are simple to maintain. The unit continuously monitors functions and activates an alarm whenever operating conditions deviate beyond acceptable limits. Warm air is vented through the top of the unit by two 2 HP axial fans. There are optional centrifugal fans for ducted condenser air or for heat recovery applications. The total CFM from the fans is 15,000.

Energy Efficient

The 7530 air cooled chiller system incorporates a copper-brazed stainless steel evaporator outside of the insulated thermal storage tank with a true counter-flow of water and refrigerant that maximizes cooling performance. The Model 7529 uses 2 high-efficiency Scroll, R407C refrigerant compressors. The compressors are controlled by a thermostat and are designed to cycle off and on within a preset temperature differential. An oversized reservoir allows the compressors to cycle off and on a maximum of 8 starts per hour assuring extended compressor life. And with the pump running continuously, a standard temperature differential of ± 3° F (±1.7° C) promises constant, chilled water. The design ensures that the refrigeration power is directly proportional to the cooling load.


Double electrical panel doors with Plexiglass windows for improved weatherproofing and safety. Galvanized steel enclosure etched and finished with an epoxy coating. Crankcase heater installed for low ambient temperatures, built-in insulated energy storage tank, a plate heat exchanger external to the water reservoir, refrigerant HP and LP gauges, pump pressure gauge, adjustable LP, and fan pressure switches, and a fail-safe flow switch. Consult TAFA for further details on industrial air chillers.


  • Centrifugal fans for ducted condenser air or heat recovery applications
  • Software and RS232 interface for modular connections
  • Tank pressure gauge
  • Sound attenuation package
  • Automatic drain valve
  • Outside (low ambient) package
  • Automatic water make-up kits for closed-loop systems
  • Easy-fill port with shut-off valve
  • A sight glass for fill verification
  • Alternate refrigerants

Model 3262 Refrigerated Heat Exchanger

Model 3262 Refrigerated Heat Exchanger is designed for closed-loop thermal spray gun cooling applications. The 3262 uses a chemical refrigerant to cool the process water utilizing an air-cooled, hermetically sealed compressor. The 3262 requires no plant water, making it ideal for installations where plant water or drains are not available, or where the plant water temperature is too hot to cool the process.

"…3262 requires no plant water…" The process cooling water loop in the 3262 is a closed system. This allows for use of distilled water, thus ensuring longer gun hardware life. Non-corrosive plumbing materials used in the 3262 guarantees minimal maintenance and long service life of internal components. The 3262 easily connects to Praxair and TAFA consoles via a single control cable.

"…ensuring longer gun hardware life…"Gun water temperature is maintained by closed-loop control of the refrigeration system. Desired to process water temperature is selected via a digital pad on the control panel. Monitoring gauges on the control panel show to-process water temperature, from-process water temperature, and recirculating pump pressure. In addition to refrigerant safety indicators, the control panel features a process water flow meter, main power on-off switch, and an air purge switch for blowing process water from the gun and hoses when performing gun maintenance. The 3262 is ideal for both plasma and gaseous fueled HVOF thermal spray applications. The rugged, simple, and compact design makes it an affordable solution for your demanding gun cooling needs. The 3262 can be used in 50 or 60 Hz normal and high ambient air temperature applications, and for Mach II hardware.

Mechanical Features

  • Generously sized condenser for industrial environments (up to 115°F ambient temperatures)
  • Twin top discharge fans and cleanable inlet air filters
  • Nonferrous water circuit construction
  • Stainless steel centrifugal evaporator recirculation pump
  • Pressure-regulating valve for process flow and pressure adjustment
  • Liquid-filled pump discharge pressure gauges and process flow meter
  • Precision flow switch for process flow safety
  • Fail-safe evaporator flow switch interlocked with compressor
  • Compressed air purge circuit
  • Inlet Y-strainer to protect the evaporator from contamination
  • Outlet Y-strainer to protect the gun from contamination
  • 7.5 HP bronze turbine process pump


  • 3262 Refrigerated Heat Exchanger P/N 09032608
  • Shipping weight: 2400 lbs. (1089 kg)
  • Dimensions: 80” high (2030 mm) x 32" (815 mm) wide x 70" (1780 mm) deep
  • Capacity*:50 / 60 Hz: 10 tons (120,000 BTU/hr)
  • Process Water Flow 10 gal/min (38 l/min) maximum
  • Process Water Pressure 50 Hz: 215 psi (1482 kPa) max.
  • To-Process Water Temp.7-26°C (45-80°F) recommended
  • Electrical Input: 380-415 VAC, 3 phase, 50 Hz
    440-480 VAC, 3 phase, 60 Hz
    MCA: 44 amps


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