Praxair TAFA JP-5000 System

Astro Alloys offers Praxair’s original liquid-fueled HP/HVOF system, the Model JP-5000. The Praxair TAFA JP 5000 console is a high pressure HVOF system that remains unparalleled in coating consistency and reproducibility. It features a semi-automatic rotometer-controlled console that controls all operating parameters including cooling water, powder, carrier gas, oxygen and fuel flows.

JP-5000 Console Features

Praxair JP-500 HVOF SystemModel Features of the Praxair TAFA JP-5000 Console include:

  • CE compliant
  • Digital pressure displays
  • Dual, radial, low-pressure powder injection
  • Less sensitive to cooling water temperature
  • Less sensitive to powder particle size than other HVOF systems
  • Longer, less-sensitive spray distance
  • Monitored combustion and back pressures
  • Superior coating integrity and uniformity
  • Up to two powder feeder on/off control
  • System includes multiple, interchangeable, gun options: Model 5220 & Model 8200

TAFA Model 5220 Gun

The TAFA Model 5220 is a kerosene-fueled HP/HVOF gun, also referred to as a torch, that is used with the TAFA JP-5000 console to achieve extremely high coating densities. The unique design of this gun allows it to produce particle velocities of 3,300 to 3,900 fps, which is significantly higher than any other gaseous-fueled HVOF device on the market today. 

TAFA Model 5220 Spray GunModel 5220 Torch features:

  • Efficient combustion and particle heating
  • Efficient gun cooling
  • Multiple gun configurations with multiple barrel lengths
  • Radial, low-pressure powder injection
  • Thick coating capability
  • 3-way powder splitting


PRAXAIR HP/HVOF® Equipment Solutions Brochure