Praxair 7700 Plasma Spray Equipment

Praxair TAFA Model 7700 Plasma ControllerAstro Alloys offers high-powered Praxair 7700 plasma spray equipment, which delivers superior-quality coatings at a dramatically low cost. When compared to conventional plasma systems, the TAFA Model 7700PJ closed-loop plasma spray system spray rates are 3 to 6 times faster, deposit efficiency is increased and cycle times are reduced by up to 33%.

The high spray velocity compacts the coating particles to generate harder, denser coatings with ultra-low porosity and stronger bonds—creating durable coatings with excellent finishing characteristics. 

Model 7700PJ Features:

  • Choice of 200-4 or 7070E/7070I PlazJet torches
  • Closed-loop process control
  • Data Acquisition 
  • Maintenance screens with user-defined time intervals
  • Power levels from 170 to 220 kW
  • Recipe storage with multi-layer part recipe capability
  • Up to 4 powder feeder capability
  • User-friendly touchscreen interface

Model 7700AP Plasma Control

Praxair TAFA Model 7700 Touch Screen

TAFA Model 7700AP (Air Plasma) is a modular, mass flow control-based, closed-loop plasma spray system. It has an easy-to-operate touchscreen, unlimited recipe storage, and delivers real-time feedback, all to ensure consistent coating characteristics and reproducibility.

The system’s Net Energy function automatically maintains the energy in the plasma plume to assure proper melting conditions for the powder. And the Data Acquisition Package (DAP) provides comprehensive, post-process statistical data for thorough analysis. 

Model 7700AP features:

  • 100 kW power supply to run most commercially available plasma torches
  • Closed-loop process control
  • Data Acquisition Package (DAP)
  • Expandable via DeviceNet® interface with other spray or manipulation devices
  • Maintenance screen with user-defined time intervals
  • Optional remote diagnostics capability
  • Preset safety interlocks
  • Recipe storage with multi-layer part recipe capability
  • Rugged and powerful industrial PC touchscreen interface


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