Stellite Jet Kote Powder Feeders

Stellite Powder FeederAstro Alloys offers two state-of-the-art powder feeders from Kennametal Stellite. These open & closed-loop powder feeders can be used with the Jet Kote® II Nova system.  The open-loop powder feeder dispenses Jet Kote® powders at a fixed rate set by the operator.  A tool cart is included on castors to position the feeder at a convenient eye level for the operator.  The closed-loop powder feeder includes a scale in place of the tool cart, allowing it to monitor and adjust its output, based on actual weight loss in the powder hopper.  Both models are equipped with a heater blanket to assist in keeping the Jet Kote ® powder moisture-free. For more information on Jet Kote powder feeders, please contact Astro Alloys today!

Hopper Dimensions:

Dimensions: 32.1”H X 31.4 L X 13” W / 81.5cm H x 79.8cm L X 33cm W

Weight: 90lbs (40.9 KG) Empty

Electrical: 110 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Hopper Capacity: 205in³ (1322.7cm³ (14-22.7kg) of powder)

Tool Cart Dimensions: 31” H X 39” L X 21” W /  78.7cm H X 99cm L X 58.4cm W                                    

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