Praxair Powder Feeders

TAFA Model 1264

Praxair TAFA Powder FeederPraxair's open-loop pressurized TAFA Model 1264 powder feeder sets the industry standard for performance and versatility. The Praxair powder feeder features a large digital display on the control panel that indicates powder wheel speed, maintenance, and total run time. A set-temperature heater blanket keeps the powder warm to prevent absorption of moisture, and the canister delivers a pressure rating of up to 90 psi / 621 kPa.

Whether you’re using the Model 1264 to feed fine oxides or coarse dense alloys, you’ll get unparalleled precision and repeatability, time and time again.

Model 1264 features:

  • 205 cubic inch / 3,060 cubic centimeter capacity powder hopper
  • Digital display
  • Heater blanket with on/off control
  • Meets stringent CE requirements
  • Plasma/HVOF operation selector
  • Powder canister pressure gauge and relief valve
  • Pressure rated up to 90 psi / 621 kPa
  • Toggle switch controls
  • Variable powder wheel speed

Optional Enhancements:

  • High-volume powder wheel conversion package
  • Internal pinch valve retrofit kit
  • Mixer assembly kit
  • Powder gas control that provides carrier gas control and remote operation
  • Powder wheels for special applications
  • Stacking canister kit

TAFA Model 1264WL

TAFA Powder FeederAvailable with all the features of Model 1264i, Praxair's TAFA Model 1264WL thermal spray feeder offers improved productivity, consistency, and ease of use—maximizing powder feed-rate stability with reliable closed-loop weight-loss control. The unit also includes a powder constraints self-teach program, a quick-tune powder to feed-rate program, fast response time to setpoint, and programmable “noise” filters that reduce the effects of air movement and vibration on the weight scale. 

Model 1264WL features:

  • Fast response time to feed-rate set point
  • Heater blanket with on/off control
  • High/low feed-rate and wheel RPM warning
  • Low powder warning
  • Maintenance functionality
  • Multiple powder wheel options
  • PLC control
  • Powder constraints self-teach program
  • Powder hopper pressure display and relief valve
  • Pressure rated up to 125 psi / 862 kPa
  • Pressurize/depressurize mode selector
  • Programmable “noise” filters
  • Quick-tune powder to feed-rate program
  • Recipe storage
  • Removable, high-capacity 300 cubic inch / 4,916 cubic centimeter powder hopper
  • Spray run feed weight counter
  • Touchscreen controller (remote mountable)

Optional Enhancements:

  • 2-25 RPM motor for high feed-rate applications
  • 2-hopper storage rack
  • 4-hopper storage cart
  • Externally mounted, pinch valve kit for low-pressure liquid-fueled HP/HVOF operation
  • Low-height cart
  • Spare hopper assemblies

For more information on Praxair thermal spray feeders and how they can be utilized for your specific application, contact the team at Astro Alloys. 


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