About Astro Alloys, Inc.

Astro Alloys Building

Astro Alloys is dedicated to the thermal spray industry while specializing in HVOF equipment and thermal spray powders. We've been in business since 1980.

Astro Alloys Inc. had very humble beginnings in 1980 when our founder Ken Whited decided to take a risk and start a business dedicated to thermal spray. We’ve provided quality thermal spray equipment, supplies, and service to our customers ever since.  We believe in and operate with “old-fashioned customer service”, are committed to our customers, and are always willing to go the extra mile.  We are easy to work with and believe in getting it right each and every time. An email, call, or request never goes unanswered and everyone at Astro Alloys will do what it takes to accommodate the needs of our customers. 

Our facility is located in Houston, TX, and offers expedient, expert service & support to customers throughout North America and around the world.

We are a thermal spray product supplier and powder distributor that offers a wide range of equipment, supplies, and materials, taking care of all things thermal spray. These include HVOF consoles and guns, plasma & arc spray equipment, Rokide® equipment, cell installations, manipulation equipment & robotics, acoustical enclosures, dust collection & grit blasting equipment, quality thermal spray powders, rods, wires, masking products, and thousands of various spare parts.

We maintain a large inventory of powders, wires, masking products, rods, and various spare parts. We offer same-day shipping for in-stock orders and have daily delivery to local customers.

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