Thermal Spray Acoustical Enclosures

Acoustical Spray Booth Diagram

Astro Alloys provides thermal spray acoustical enclosures, which help contain dust and noise generated by your thermal spray operations.  Acoustical spray booths can be completely customized to accommodate your specific needs. Features include:

  • 30" x 42" viewing window 
  • 82" x 84" double-leaf access door 
  • Galvanized steel construction 
  • Inlet silencers (up to 8000 CFM included) 
  • Standard factory beige paint, custom colors available 
  • UV 10 roll-down shade

Each structure is designed to reduce the high noise levels of thermal spraying to an acceptable 85 dBA. The rooms are assembled from panels and joiners, making their design highly flexible. Designed for superior noise absorption, the panels feature a high-quality acoustical fill and perforated steel inner surfaces. The modular design of the rooms allows for minimal assembly time and easy relocation. Standard spray-room ceiling heights are 8 or 10 ft. (2.1 or 3.1 m). The panels come in a variety of sizes, with custom sizes supplied as needed. The rooms come complete with floor channels, stiffeners, and joiners.

Operator access is facilitated by double-leaf, magnetic-seal, cam-lift doors. Through the compression action of the unique cam-lift hinges which raise the door as it opens and lowers it as it closes, a traffic-hindering doorsill is eliminated. The resulting tight acoustical seal between the door leaf and the floor prevents sound leaks under the door.

Dust Collection

Thernal Spray BoothAll thermal spray processes generate dust. A properly sized dust control system is required for the collection of this over-sprayed material. The make-up air entering the acoustical spray booth requires an air inlet silencer designed for the dust collector′ s air volume. These air inlet silencers are designed for reverse flow, which occurs when sound waves and air travel in opposing directions.

Please contact Astro Alloys for custom design specs and recommendations for thermal spray acoustical enclosures.


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