Praxair JP-8000 System

jp-8000-consoleAstro Alloys offers the Praxair JP-8000™ console. This PLC-based HVOF system has advanced features including closed-loop mass flow controls, an intuitive touch screen, and constant process monitoring. The system is designed for maximum safety and easy maintenance with a modular drawer configuration and separated gas and electrical circuits. It also uses the proven model TAFA 5220, 8200, and 825 JPid kerosene-fueled guns for higher coating densities.

An ultra-high performance coating system, the JP-8000 incorporates an array of desirable new features, including a touch-screen personal computer (PC) option that includes data acquisition software. Improvements include a sophisticated PLC-based, mass flow controlled gas/fuel management system that provides more precise control of flame characteristics. The result is increased system up-time and coatings that are more consistent.

Model JP-8000 Console Features: 

  • CE compliant
  • Closed-loop mass flow control or process gases and liquid fuel
  • Combustion chamber alarm
  • Constant live process monitoring
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use touch screen
  • Liquid fuel
  • Maintenance screens with user-defined time intervals
  • Modular drawer design for ease of maintenance
  • Recipe storage
  • Up to two powder feeder control and monitoring (on/off, RPM, or weight-loss modes)
  • The system includes multiple, interchangeable, gun options: Model 5220 & Model 8200

Optional enhancements to this system include remote screen mounting, data logging and statistics package, Ethernet remote monitoring capability, remote operator interface terminals, remote PC computer touch screen operator interface terminals and closed-loop powder feed-rate control.


TAFA’s new Model 8200 Advanced high pressure (HP)/HVOF spray gun is designed to be more efficient than the Model 5220 Standard Gun by offering the same outstanding coating characteristics but at dramatic operating cost savings. This is accomplished by increasing powder deposit efficiency and feed rate, and reduced fuel and oxygen consumption; it exceeds its predecessor’s already high standards. Add to this the benefits of a lower heat transfer to the substrate, less barrel loading and wear, less heat loss to the water, less heat generated for removal by dust collection systems, and fewer combustion by-products produced, the new Model 8200 gun sets a new standard in the HVOF market.

Model 8200 Torch features:

  • Fuel and oxygen consumption reduced by 33%
  • The heat generated to the ambient air has been reduced by 24%
  • Gun weight has been reduced by 14%
  • 18% Shorter gun provides greater flexibility
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Metallic powder consumption reduced 10 – 15%
  • Production spray rates increased by 50+%
  • Barrel loading and wear minimized
  • Heat loss to the cooling water has been reduced by 29%
  • 3-way powder splitting

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