Colmonoy® Nickel-Based Surfacing Alloys

Maximize Performance & Extend Component Life

Astro Alloys offers Colmonoy® Nickel-Based Surfacing Alloys - wear-resistant hard surfacing nickel alloys designed to maximize performance and extend the useful life of engineered components.

Purpose of Nickel-Based Hardfacing Alloys

Astro Alloys offers Colmonoy® nickel-based surfacing alloys which have outstanding metallurgical and physical properties, making them ideally suited to solving engineering problems such as wear, corrosion, erosion, and abrasion. Wall Colmonoy has been the global leader in the manufacture and application of nickel-based surfacing products since 1938.

Industries Benefiting from Colmonoy® Nickel-Based Alloys

Our specially formulated Colmonoy® nickel-based hardfacing alloys extend the useful life of engineered components for global industries such as:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Glass Container
  • Waste-to-Energy / Biomass
  • Steel


Colmonoy® Nickel-Based Surfacing Alloys are widely used in industries requiring high-performance wear-resistant materials.

Applications include:

  • Spraywelder
  • Fusewelder
  • Oxyacetylene
  • GMAW
  • HVOF
  • Laser Cladding
  • PTA


Astro Alloys adheres to the Quality Assurance of ISO 9001 and the quality standards set by international and national industrial associations.

The Astro Alloys Difference

Astro Alloys provides various types of Colmonoy® nickel-based surfacing alloy. Our mission is to supply you with the highest-quality nickel-based surfacing alloys available on the market.

We carry a large inventory of Colmonoy® nickel-based surfacing alloys. All in-stock items are available for same-day shipping to local areas.

Contact us today to discuss your nickel-based surfacing alloy requirements.

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