TAFA Glide Wire Delivery System

The TAFAGlide™ Wire Delivery System is compatible with Model 8830, 8835, and 9935 arc spray guns. The thermal spray wire feeder system was developed exclusively for use with TAFA arc spray equipment and wires. The TAFAGlide Wire Delivery System comes preassembled and ready to be used with any of the TAFA arc spray guns mentioned above.

TAFAGlide Overview

Praxair Surface Technologies has more than 30 years of experience in the development of twin wire arc spray technology. A key aspect of any robust arc spray process is consistent, trouble-free wire feeding to the arc spray gun.

Traditional arc spray systems employ steel- or polymer-lined conduits to transfer consumable wire to the arc spray gun. Wire conduits have to be kept as straight as possible in order to not interrupt the wire feed to the gun. Wire feed interruptions can have adverse effects on amperage and voltage stability, causing inconsistent coating quality and costly interruptions of spray jobs, and even rework of parts. Improvements in wire feed stabilization, such as optional “push drive” assistance, are costly and subject to high maintenance. Utilizing an innovative internal design, the TAFAGlide Wire Delivery System eliminates costly interruptions, increases coating quality, and eliminates the need for a costly and complicated wire push drive device.

Utilizing this innovative and exclusive new technology, the TAFAGlide Wire Delivery System eliminates the drag, friction, and debris creation that are characteristics of conventional arc spray wire conduits. The TAFAGlideWire Delivery System provides a very smooth and stable wire feed regardless of the motion or position of the arc spray gun during operation.

Delivery System Comparison Testing

In the following case study, a customer had the specific requirement of maintaining a very stable wire feed rate (amperage control) while indexing a TAFA CoArc™ spray system with a Model 9935 advanced arc spray gun at a high traverse rate. The most significant challenge was the extreme angle of the Model 9935 gun, which created a significant bend in the standard wire conduits. The gun position created very unstable wire feed conditions that negatively affected coating quality. A comparison of the power supply output amperage (wire feed stability) during spray runs using both the standard spray gun smooth wire conduits and the new TAFAGlide Wire Delivery System is shown in the following two graphs:

arc-spray-conduit-run-chart     tafa-glide-run-chart

The result of the trial was a very stable spray condition that resulted in uniform coating quality and thickness. Another benefit was a highly steady gun arc without “popping” due to voltage fluctuations, which can create inconsistencies in the coating.

TafaGlide Technical Specifications


Technical Specifications
Wire Size Capability 14 Gauge (1.6 mm)
12 Gauge (2 mm)
11 Gauge (2.3 mm)
Outside Diameter 1.175 in (29.8 mm)
Weight 4.6 lb (2.1 kg) each
per 15' (4.6 meters) of


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