Praxair 3710 Plasma Control System

Astro Alloys offers Praxair's TAFA Model 3710 system, an economical and manual wall mount plasma spray controller. The Praxair 3710 system features easy-to-use controls in a compact, wall-mountable cabinet. The unit can control two powder feeders, one at a time, and has an auxiliary power circuit. The jeweled critical gas orifices are used to ensure consistent and repeatable control and coating quality. And the solid-state power control allows the operator to select the operating current before gun ignition and maintains the current with 1% of the set value.

Model 3710 Features:

  • Built-in power supply controller with digital displays
  • CE compliant
  • Compact, wall-mountable design
  • Critical orifice gas flow control
  • Economical, manual control
  • NFPA Type "Z" purging with audio/visual alarm
  • Power supply choices are either the 40 kW PS-1000 or the 100 kW HPS-100
  • Two powder feeder capability (one at a time)

Optional enhancements include gun voltage and gas flow monitoring. Contact Astro Alloys for more information!


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