Praxair Thermal Spray Powders

Praxair Surface Technologies, Inc produces quality proven powders for every occasion.

Praxair has a thermal spray powder to meet almost any need.  They maintain more than 500 different chemistries and stock up to 300 standard products. Praxair is known for its superior lot-to-lot consistency—increasing process dependability, eliminating waste, and ultimately reducing costs.

Praxair stands behind a very broad product line, while also offering customization capabilities.  We are a Praxair spray powder distributor and stock a variety of Praxair thermal spray powders including carbide powders, MCrAly powders, pure metal alloys, and ceramic powders, and can ship or deliver within the same day of order placement.  See their thermal spray powder families below. 

PRAXAIR Powder Solutions Brochure

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